Gearing up to go the extra mile

My ride along the Great Continental Divide has been plotted and stored in my newly acquired & installed (used) GPS. Now then, let's talk about distances. The GPS route was plotted by a few people who have made this trek several times. It's broken into bite sized pieces with waypoints -- fuel destinations. The average distance between waypoints is just … Continue reading Gearing up to go the extra mile

Fresh rubber

Let's talk tires for a moment. The used 2008 DRZ-400-S I bought several months ago came fitted with brand new front and back Pirelli MT21 Rallycross tires. They're a terrific tire for off-road riding. They're also a very soft tire. Rule of thumb, soft means better performance, but shorter longevity. While they've been a perfect off-road training … Continue reading Fresh rubber

Today’s wheelie brought to you by, derp I crashed yesterday, but have nothing to show for it. Though it was a hard fall at slow speed on a very steep (almost vertical) hillside in rocky terrain, nothing was broken. Barely a few scratches. This is exactly the crash and results I'd been hoping for. I am a bit sore today, however! Rescuing a … Continue reading Today’s wheelie brought to you by, derp

One less pucker factor moment

Countless videos on YouTube document a piece of factory technology on most makes and models of motorcycles that is the source of some real sphincter-clinching moments for motorcyclists when riding off-road or when encountering a series of potholes in asphalt or concrete. It's called the kickstand kill switch. Its purpose is to prevent riders from forgetting the put the … Continue reading One less pucker factor moment