I shall name it “Godzilla”

If you follow my Instagram account, you’ll notice a lot of the color orange lately. That’s because I’ve added a new KTM motorcycle to the garage. And not just any KTM. It’s their flagship adventure bike, which they so aptly named, Adventure-R.

1190 cc’s… 1.2 liter engine… wtf

The “R” means it’s the more off-road worthy version. It’s about as close to a dirt bike as you can get for a 500 pound machine. Fully adjustable, long-travel forks and suspension. And different from your average dirt bike in that it’s huge, and it’s LOADED with Earth-turning horsepower. Hence… Godzilla.

Twist on the throttle and *braaaap* becomes more like…


It’s a capable machine. It’s not likely I’ll ever be able to push this bike to any of its real limits (video). It will surely extend some of my own. So let’s make plans to go somewhere, shall we?

The Great Continental Divide Tail ride is back on track! And I’m using Godzilla to get it done. The DRZ was already packaged and ready to go, but it’ll have to sit this one out. This means there’s a lot to be done to get Godzilla ready. I’m hoping to create a new post for the upgrades I install for the trip.

You might be thinking, “Dean, that bike has everything, what more do you need?” Part of the answer is I am still too tall for most motorcycles. Raising the handlebars, increasing the height of the seat, and lowering the pegs for more leg room are essential to those long days in the saddle. They’re also essential for standing on the pegs in rough terrain and being able to comfortably achieve the attack riding position.

Let’s begin.

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