Ride to Jenkinson Lake, CA

I did end up making it to the Sacramento WordPress Meetup event, but my ride stretched further than I originally planned. At the last minute I decided to go all the way out to Jenkinson Lake, CA to see a friend as well. Total round trip was over 400 miles in two days. Very pleased! For now, a short video (there is no audio) from my GoPro Hero 4 Session.

What I learned:

I’m going to need better wind protection. It was hellacious at times holding onto the handlebars at 60+ mph for 20-40 miles. It almost sucked. I have some options, so I’ll do some research and post about my decision later.

There were plenty of gas stops, but most weren’t necessary. I averaged about 50 miles per gallon. I wish it was better, but that’s really not all that bad. My tank is 4 gallons. If I can get 200 miles to my tank, that’s a massive improvement in range. Very happy.

My new Seat Concepts seat is way more comfortable and easier on my bum. It really is butt heaven compared to the stock seat. Wow. Looking forward to more mileage on this one. Maybe it’ll get even more comfy with wear. This was almost straight out of the box success. Worth every penny.

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