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A while back my sister and bro-in-law left me with a Garmin Nuvi. It’s an older device, but successfully loaded Kevin’s plotted maps of the Great Continental Divide Trail, which fortunately have been updated for 2015. (Green: easy. Blue: medium. Red: hard.)


Fitting the device to the DRZ was easy. I used the RAM Mount system. Ordering the setup is a very piecemeal process (made easiest by Amazon). In all I had to order 4 different parts. Once everything arrived it took about 15 minutes to sort out how everything worked and install the mount. My initial impression is it’s rugged as hell and highly adjustable/adaptable. (Reminder: get the GoPro adapter.)

A few protips for the install…

Protip 1. Use this tape, or something very similar, beneath the handlebar u-bolt mount. It’s super tacky (but leaves no residue) on both sides and will help prevent rotational slipping on the handlebar.



Protip 2. Realize the handlebars you currently have may rotate after a crash and could push the mount into a different position. Mount accordingly.

Protip 3. Consider the mounting possibilities before ordering: cameras, phones, drink holder, map holder, GPS, radio, backup light, etc.).

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