Along comes a speed patrol station

The idea of running against a speed patrol station has intrigued me for years. One magically appeared in my neighborhood this past week. I’m willing to bet this isn’t entirely accurate, but it’s probably reasonable. For comparison (and embarrassment) World Class runner, Usain Bolt, runs an estimated top speed of 30 mph in the 100-meter-dash, and an average of 23.5 mph. I’m no slouch, and I’m running at 70% of my top speed. Based on this machine I might get to 20 mph at my top speed. Usain Bolt is wickedly fast. And this was as fun as I thought it would be.

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My tax dollars at work. #run

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Motonomad – the movie

A YouTube’r I subscribe to has recently released a movie that he and a friend filmed when riding through 7 countries in 2013. The worldwide dual-sport and enduro riding community is full of inspirational riders like this. Nothing gets me more fired up to explore than videos like this. Looking forward to watching the full movie soon.

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Fresh rubber

Let’s talk tires for a moment.

The used 2008 DRZ-400-S I bought several months ago came fitted with brand new front and back Pirelli MT21 Rallycross tires. They’re a terrific tire for off-road riding. They’re also a very soft tire. Rule of thumb, soft means better performance, but shorter longevity. While they’ve been a perfect off-road training tire (likely overkill for my skill level), they’re going to fall short for my ride along the Great Continental Divide. Continue reading Fresh rubber