Test ride to Sacramento WordPress MeetUp

There’s a Sacramento WordPress MeetUp on August 4th, 2015. It’s the perfect opportunity to ride up and see how the DRZ performs (and how I manage). 250 miles round trip should be perfect.

My new seat from Seat Concepts should be here tomorrow. A little slice of butt heaven. Which, if you’ve ever sat on something that’s too small for your butt for hours at a time you’ll know what I mean. Dirt and enduro bikes have narrow seats. Why put up with it? Adventure. A waning interest in cars and concrete. And one loose screw.

Another component of this test will be to push a bit harder on the throttle for extended periods of time. So far I’ve held it at around 60 mph for between 3-5 minutes. At this speed I start to feel it in the handlebars from the engine (and maybe the knobby tires). Hopefully I can find a comfier spot at the speed I want. Can the DRZ go for hours? Stay tuned.

I’m really hoping this test ride will help me get past my “I’m GPS ignorant” issue. I’ve yet to create any sort of custom routes. I should try that for this trip.

I’ll do a bolt check before I go. Pack those tools up. Then do a bolt check before I come back. It’ll be a kind of vibration I haven’t seen yet. Let’s keep this ship together and have some fun! Who knows, maybe I’ll even find some off-road shortcuts…


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