Installing GNU Radio & rtl_power on Ubuntu 14 LTS

In continuation to my USB SDR post, installing GNU Radio was my first priority. GNU Radio (which I’m still very far from knowledgeable about) appears to allow my computer to recognize the USB SDR and grant me access to it. It can do much, much more, but that’s the extent of my knowledge so far.

sudo apt-get install gnuradio

This takes a while. Go get a cup of coffee.

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My first USB SDR

It’s odd that I’m more excited about a sub-$20 USB Software Defined Radio (SDR) dongle than some of my more advanced (and pricey) radios. Ham radio and ‘home brew’ are synonymous. The idea of taking a pinch of hardware and applying a heaping portion of software to it gets me all worked up. I’ve decided to make this my ham radio goal for 2015.

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