Lane splitting in California

Yesterday I became a little more Californian. I’ve had a motorcycle license for over 20 years. I come from where lane splitting is illegal. There is no law for or against it in California, which apparently makes it legal. There are a lot of cars here, and a lot of intersections. I’ve been riding out here for several months, all the while not lane splitting. The air quality at intersections is similar to being enclosed in a box filled with fresh hot vehicle exhaust. Splitting the lanes to the front of each intersection was a breath of fresh air.

In sickness and in health

So I’m a bit sick. So sick I could probably sing back up for the Oakridge Boys bass singer, Richard Sterban. These opportunities come along so rarely. I’m sick around once every 2-3 years. Perhaps I should pitch Mr. Sterban the idea of a Vine video bass duet. I’ll take a viral hit over a bacterial hit any day.  ( >.< ) !!

Getting married in
California in four months.
Yes I’m excited.

Meds, I’m not on any.
Perhaps that is the problem
but, Richard Sterban.

More updates coming soon on modifications to my DRZ for my GDT adventure. Including my challenges of installing the IMS 4 gallon gas tank, removal of the kick-stand kill switch, full rack system installation, and more.

Giddy-up-a-oom, pa-pa-oom, pa-pa-mau-mau…

EDIT: upon further research my lowest singing note is usually a E2. I can now go down to A1. My speaking voice (usually tenor) has dropped almost two full octaves and hovers at or slightly above the low bass A1.

Things to do while sick: quote Red in Shawshank Redemption!