Along comes a speed patrol station

The idea of running against a speed patrol station has intrigued me for years. One magically appeared in my neighborhood this past week. I’m willing to bet this isn’t entirely accurate, but it’s probably reasonable. For comparison (and embarrassment) World Class runner, Usain Bolt, runs an estimated top speed of 30 mph in the 100-meter-dash, and an average of 23.5 mph. I’m no slouch, and I’m running at 70% of my top speed. Based on this machine I might get to 20 mph at my top speed. Usain Bolt is wickedly fast. And this was as fun as I thought it would be.

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My tax dollars at work. #run

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Tire Pull pre-spring routine

I’ve been doing this workout for several weeks. Really liking it. Pull the tire 10 times, jog for about 1/8th mile, and repeat. I do this for between 60-90 minutes. A few points of flexibility with this workout I like: pull heavier, jog harder, and wear the Elevation Training Mask. The video isn’t very climactic. It’s more for illustrative purposes.

By way of lots of experimentation at various altitudes with my friend Joe, I’ve learned not to take Elevation Training Masks too seriously.